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university classroom with interactive monitors

Epson BrightLink interactive projector in a corporate boardroom

interactive projector in a corporate boardroom


Interactive monitors and projectors have become commonplace in the boardroom, training facilities and classrooms. Interactive meetings keep participants more engaged in presentations as the display can reflect the group discussion. There are also a wide variety of components that will make regular projectors and monitors interactive.

Interactive Monitors

Interactive monitors are available up to 80" and can be used in a wide variety of applications:

Interactive Projectors

Interactive projectors can deliver a similar experieince as an interactive monitor but on a much larger scale. The interactive projctor can use any surface to project onto. Many classrooms use a traditional whiteboard as it can be used as a traditional whiteboard or an interactive projection surface.

There are advantages to an interactive projector over an interactive whiteboard system:

Make Standard Projectors & Monitors Interactive

Standard monitors or projectors can be upgraded to be interactive:

Contact your Inland AV representative to see if interactive technologies are right for your organizations.

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