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Crestron control and automation touchscreen
Crestron touch screen AV system control

User-friendly system automation

Control & Automation

A control and automation system can help an organization in many different ways. It can make a complex AV system user-friendly, eliminate boardroom clutter, manage room bookings and make the entire building more energy efficient.


Many of today's boardrooms and training facilities have complex AV systems that can be intimidating to use. A control and automation system can take the stress out of setting up the AV system for a meeting. If a boardroom has several regular events, each event can have a single button that would set up and turn on the AV system for that event. For example:

Boardroom Sales Presentation

Monthly Board Meeting

Eliminate Clutter

A control and automation system eliminates clutter. There is only the single touchscreen required to operate the rooms equipment. Separate remotes are not needed for each component in the room. Most of the cabling can now be hidden as there is is little need to physically plug/unplug and route cables.

Manage Room Bookings

A control and automation system can help with the management of room bookings. Staff can see what meeting rooms are available and book a meeting. some systems will allow for the meeting style to be input so that the AV system is ready to go before the participants arrive.

Building Efficiencies

A control and automation system can pay for itself with building energy savings. The building HVAC system can be automated temperature control to realize efficiencies. Motion sensors can let the building know where people are working and turn off the lights in areas where there is no activity. Motion sensors can also let the building "know" when people are working late and keep the lights and temperature set appropriately. This can include knowing that people in a certain area of the building park their vehicle in a specific lot and keep the outdoor lighting from the persons exit point of the building and their path to their parking lot on.

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Download the Design > Integate > Collaborate [PDF: 16Mb] for an overview of the capabilities of Inland AV. More than 16 different Inland AV designed projects are featured. See page 6 for more information on control systems as well as other featured projects that inlcude control systems.

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